What to Take to Your First Game Day?

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Every field is different and so are the rules, so please respect the event organisers. Make sure that if they have outlined specific items/rules that you abide by those before of our list below.

Make sure that you are prepared physically for a highly intense day consisting of high temperatures, long sun exposure and/or long periods of running/jogging. Ensure that you stay sufficiently hydrated and are physically fit enough to maintain these levels of exercise. If you are not at this fitness level, simply pace yourself and do not push harder than you should.


If we are honest, headgear is not essential if you are indoors. However, outdoors we would highly advise at a minimum wearing a hat for sun protection.

You can absolutely wear tactical helmets or even full-face masks/face shields. Many helmets have night vision goggle mounts which is great because if you have an adaptor, you can fit your GoPro camera and film the action!

Eye Pro and Face Protection:

You absolutely MUST, and we mean MUST wear eye protection if you are to be playing with gel blasters. At a minimum you must wear wrap around safety glasses from either a hardware store or your local gel blaster store. We can guarantee that if you arrive to a field without correct eye protection, you will not be allowed to play on that field.


Don’t worry too much about your clothing, it is a myth that you need to wear full camouflage clothing, you in fact do not! Many people arrive in shirt and shorts, however if long sleeve pants and shirts are required by the field, you must wear these.

Vests and Chest Rigs:

These are not essential but will help you when you need to hold spare magazines, speed loaders, batteries and team patches. If you are playing in a high speed, high death style game, generally you will only need something small. However, if you’re playing outside/MilSim, then you likely will need a larger vest to hold more magazines and equipment.

Knee Pads:

If you are going to be playing Rambo style and plan on running and sliding, then we HIGHLY recommend knee pads as you will likely be crying the next day if you don’t!


We would highly recommend ankle supporting light combat boots for outdoors due to the changing surfaces and elevations. However, if you are indoors running style shoes would be fine.


These are definitely a non-essential, however if you do want some gloves, we would recommend some fingerless gloves, so you still have ease of filling your magazines while playing!


Do not forget to pre hydrate 10,000-20,000 gel balls for an entire day, always make sure you prep some extras for other players that may have forgotten their own or have run out. You never know when you will forget gel balls, and someone may need to rescue you one day! A speed loader is also an essential, otherwise you will be reloading with your hands. Finally, do not forget spare batteries, as you will likely run out of battery very quickly. We always recommend 3-4 batteries and to try to find a charging station at the field so you can charge others while playing.

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